I'm just going to blow my own trumpet for a second.

Family photography is my thing, I have two small children myself and I like to think I know how they work. I'll do what needs to be done to get the pictures I know you will love. Often that's adapting to let them do what they want (of course). If plans change that's fine, if we need to give them a snack break or time for the toilet, that's fine! If they are happy you are happy which leads to happy pictures and memories you will want to treasure and that's always my goal.


I just want you to be happy

I'm a huge people pleaser and I adore my job. I guess if I could just blow that trumpet again, the one thing you get when booking a shoot with me is I REALLY care. I know how important family photos are and the effort it takes to get you all there at a certain time, everyone fed, slept and dressed (ideally) but I can assure you if the kids stain their t-shirt on the way, if they fall over and ruin their trousers honestly it's fine, it's the happy smiling faces you will notice from being relaxed and from noticing how relaxed you are. It's the emotion between you all, the giggles, the swinging, chasing and cuddles that you want to keep forever.

My Packages

All my family shoots with the exception of my themed mini sessions are all between 1-2 hours. We all know children don't have the greatest attention span so this usually gives us enough time to keep everyone relaxed, having those well deserved snack breaks and just have fun while capturing some beautiful shots.

No Hidden Costs

They all include 100+ images. I never put a limit on the amount of images you get, if I have taken a beautiful photo you will receive it even if that means you get 200 images. All these images are sent digitally in a beautiful gallery and there are no additional hidden costs for them. They are all yours to print and share as you like. I do have an online print store where you can purchase prints if you like but again I'm not into the heavy sales thing, this is completely up to you.

All of my package prices are below and if I can help with anything else at all just pop me a question on email at terri@belleandbobo.co.uk or on Instagram @belleandbobo


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